Next-gen console wars: Xbox Scarlett is clearly lagging behind Sony’s PS5

Both Sony and Microsoft have announced plans to launch sub-era consoles in 2020, with release dates and prices likely to be close to the price of both products. At the same time, in the characteristics of the function, the two sides still need to have some differentiation. Microsoft, for example, aims to provide cross-platform support for first-party games, meaning players can seamlessly switch between PCs and next-generation Xbox consoles without losing progress or saving money. Sony, on the other hand, is said to be developing a smart voice assistant for the PS5.

Next-times console wars: Xbox Scarlett is clearly lagging behind Sony's PS5

(From: Microsoft, via BGR)

In other words, both the Xbox Scarlett and PlayStation 5 will be attractive to players, and the market will be particularly competitive next November.

Microsoft has yet to reveal the official name of its next-generation console, amid speculation that Xbox Scan, Xbox 2, Xbox 2020 and more may be possible.

By contrast, Sony has officially named the next generation of consoles PlayStation 5 and even snapped up trademark names from the PS6 to the PS10.

The latest news is that Microsoft may be developing two new Xbox consoles. One of them is a pure digital version without an optical drive, codenamed Lockhart, that could serve as a successor to the Xbox One S.

Next-times console wars: Xbox Scarlett is clearly lagging behind Sony's PS5

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The other, a slightly higher configuration, codenamed Scarlett, will compete directly with the Sony PS5 as the successor to the Xbox One X. However, microsoft seems to have lost out to sony PS5 in the intensity and continuity of the news.

The company says it plans to make a massive transition from the PS4 to the PS5, with the only way to start selling new consoles this morning and even revealing more details ahead of the upcoming market.

For third-party retailers such as Best Buy, it’s clear that they’d also like to release the PS5’s orderpage earlier. Xbox Scarlett, by contrast, doesn’t know when to wait.

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