Apple Watch warns Florida man of atrial fibrillation to help save his life

Apple’s Apple Watch recently saved the life of Roy Robinson, a 74-year-old man from Lake Worth in Palm Beach County, Florida, thanks to the device reminding him of atrial fibrillation during his trip to Baltimore,media reported.

Apple Watch warns Florida man of atrial fibrillation to help save his life

Roy Robinson told WPBF that when he was on a trip to visit his family, a notice appeared on his Apple Watch that said, “You have atrial fibrillation.” The notification warning continues to ring approximately once an hour. Atrial fibrillation is an irregular heart rate that usually manifests itself as an irregular heart rhythm that can lead to heart failure or stroke. The Apple Watch issued the first warning when Robinson felt breathless after climbing three floors from his granddaughter’s school. The notice lasted all day, but when Robinson lay on the couch and the Apple Watch sounded the atrial fibrillation alarm again, he and his family decided to go to the hospital for a check-up.

“I don’t know what atrial fibrillation is,” Mr Robinson said. After the sixth alarm sounded, Robinson searched Google for “atrial fibrillation” and went to Johns Hopkins Hospital after the Thanksgiving dinner.

“After we showed up at the hospital, they asked, Why are you here? “I said, ” My watch says I have atrial fibrillation,” says Robinson. “So he asked me to have an electrocardiogram, and after about 30 seconds of seeing the electrocardiogram, he said, ‘We confirmed this.’ “Many doctors, interns, residents and nurses came to see Robinson during his stay in the hospital and said they wanted to see “the guy who was saved by the Apple Watch.”

“I’m not sure if it saved my life, but it definitely helped me,” Says Robinson. “

Apple Watch has saved multiple lives since it integrated automatic atrial fibrillation detection into the device in 2018. The system works by regularly monitoring the user’s heart rhythm by using a dedicated sensor embedded in the back of the wearable device.

Apple will continue to build the Apple Watch’s health tool suite, the latest version of which features a single-conductive eecurrent that better detects irregular heart rhythms.

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