The man drove the car onto the railroad and said the navigation brought me.

It’s right to drive to the navigation, but after all, you’re driving, and you need to keep an eye on the road and surroundings. And in life, there are many drivers driving the whole process to listen to navigation of driving advice, resulting in a lot of jokes. And the drunk driver below was even more powerful, even drove the car to the railway, later said it was the navigation to let himself drive here.

Recently, according tomedia reports, local time on December 4 at about 3 a.m., Thailand, Bangkok, The West District of Thung Song Hong police station deputy inspector received a notice that a private car stopped at the train Latwest station to the railway tracks, staff immediately went to the scene and informed the Thai Railway Bureau.

The man drove the car onto the railroad and said the navigation brought me.

Staff then arrived at the scene and found a red private car parked on the tracks, causing traffic jams and delaying all trains to Bangkok on the Northern and Northeast lines. Fortunately, however, no further traffic accidents occurred as crews discovered the unusual condition of the railway in a timely manner and allowed trains passing through the line to stop temporarily.

When the police arrived at the scene, they found that the driver of the car might be intoxicated. He was then tested for alcohol, and the device showed that he had a body alcohol content of up to 142 milligrams, which was drunk driving.

When the staff asked about the cause of the accident, he said he was going to a meeting, because it was late at night, he followed the navigation al-tip route, did not expect to be brought into the tracks. At present, the owner of the car has no major problems, but on suspicion of drunk driving, the police brought back for further investigation.

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