‘Terminator 6’ premiere cancels Schwarzenegger safe evacuation due to California wildfires

According to foreign media reports, the California wildfires raging in the state of emergency. Hollywood star and former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger was safely evacuated in the early hours of the 28th, while the scheduled premiere of “Terminator: The Dark Destiny” (Terminator 6) in Hollywood was canceled.

《终结者6》首映礼因加州山火取消 施瓦辛格安全撤离

Schwarzenegger told fans through the social networking site on the 28th that he had been safely evacuated, but also warned fans not to stay in danger, as soon as possible to evacuate, “we safely evacuated at 3:30 a.m. today.” If you (home) are also in the evacuation area, don’t mess around and leave (as soon as possible). In a tweet, he also thanked the firefighters, praising them as true heroes to protect Californians.

《终结者6》首映礼因加州山火取消 施瓦辛格安全撤离

Schwarzenegger’s safe evacuation

It is reported that on October 27th the California authorities declared a state of emergency. The wildfire began on the evening of the 23rd, due to strong winds and rapid spread of the weather, the current burning area has reached 220km2, two firefighters were injured, 94 buildings were burned, nearly 200,000 people were forced to evacuate. To reduce the chance of a fire, the utility stopped powering 960,000 homes.

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