How strong is Qualcomm’s newly released SnapDragon 865 mobile processing platform?

Qualcomm has officially announced the next-generation flagship mobile platform Snapdragon 865, and has announced details of the chip’s specifications, although non-5G integrated SoChas have become a topic of conversation, with many consider the  Snapdragon 865 to be the underdog in terms of integration with other SoCs. But Qualcomm still dominates the Snapdragon 865’s top-noted performance, and the biggest highlight is the super-strong 5G network support that comes with the external 5G. At the current technical point of view, integration, 5G mmWave, and power control can only be chosen for the second, Qualcomm chose 5G mmWave and power control.

How strong is Qualcomm's newly released SnapSnapdragon 865 mobile processing platform?

With the SnapDragon X55 5G modem and RF system, the Snapdragon 865 delivers peak rates of up to 7.5 Gbps, along with the fifth-generation Qualcomm AI engine AI Engine and the new HighPass Hub. Smarter, more personalized experiences than ever. Thanks to the extremely fast, 1-megapixel processing power supported by the Qualcomm Spectra 480 ISP, up to 20 000 megapixels per second, Snapdragon 865 offers new features for photo and video shooting on mobile devices. In addition, the new Qualcomm Snapdragon Elite Gaming supports a range of new features designed for end-level experiences and extremely realistic graphics performance, up to 25% performance improvement for the next generation Kryo 585 CPU, and the new Qualcomm Adreno 650 G The overall performance of the PU is 25% better than that of the previous generation of platforms.

How strong is Qualcomm's newly released SnapSnapdragon 865 mobile processing platform?

Advanced features of the Snapdragon 865 include:


Snapdragon 865 is by far the most advanced 5G mobile platform. Its SnapDragon X55 5G modem and RF system is the world’s first commercial lymport 5G solution for modem-to-antennas, designed to deliver consistent, ultra-high-speed connectivity that supports peak rates of up to 7.5 Gbp. This complete modem and RF system supports many advanced technologies, including Qualcomm 5G PowerSave, Qualcomm Smart Transmit technology, Qualcomm broadband envelope tracking technology, and Qualcomm Signal Boost, Supports wider network coverage, faster data transfer, and all-day battery life.

This 5G global solution supports all key regions and major bands, including millimeter waves and TDD and FDD bands below 6GHz. In addition, it supports non-independent (NSA) and independent (SA) networking modes, dynamic spectrum sharing (DSS), global 5G roaming, and multi-SIM cards.

How strong is Qualcomm's newly released SnapSnapdragon 865 mobile processing platform?


Beyond 5G connectivity, Snapdragon 865 redefines Wi-Fi 6 performance and Bluetooth audio experience with Qualcomm FastConnect 6800 mobile connectivity subsystem. Snapdragon 865 supports 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6) support, helping users take advantage of high speeds (nearly 1.8Gbps) and low latency even when there are many terminals competing for network resources in a crowded network environment. It also supports 802.11ad, 802.11ay, 802.11ac Wave 2, 802.11a / b/ g, 802.11n, WiFi spectrum band supports 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, 60 GHz, peak speed of 10Gbps.

FastConnect 6800 was also one of the first to be certified by Wi-Fi Alliance Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6. In addition to support for aptX Adaptive and Qualcomm True Wireless Stereo Plus, Snapdragon 865’s new Qualcomm aptX Voice makes it the first wirelessly supported Bluetooth ultra-broadband voice (SWB) – Super Wide Band’s mobile platform not only delivers a new level of clear sound quality, but also provides lower latency, longer battery life and higher link stability for wireless headphones and earbuds.

CPU and GPU:

Qualcomm Snapdragon 865’s CPU aspect uses the Kryo 585 architecture octa-core design with a main frequency of up to 2.84GHz, with four cores based on ARM Cortex A77 focused on performance and four based on Cortex A55 focused on power consumption. By handling kernel switching, Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 is able to balance performance and power consumption at any time.

According to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Project Machine Run Score published by GeekBench 4, Snapdragon 865 single core 4303 points, multicore 13344 points, compared to Kirin 990 5G running score (single core 3851 points, multicore 12636 points), single-core The core average is slightly stronger, with a slightly stronger single-core performance and a significant improvement in multi-core performance compared to the SnapDragon 855 Plus (single core 3633 points, multi-core 11165 points). Because it is an engineering machine, its single multicore performance data may differ slightly from the real performance.

How strong is Qualcomm's newly released SnapSnapdragon 865 mobile processing platform?

Qualcomm claims a 25 percent improvement in CPU performance and a 25 percent increase in power efficiency compared to the previous year. At the same time, the new Adreno 650 GPU delivers up to 25% performance improvement and 35% more energy efficiency than the previous generation.

Artificial intelligence:

The new fifth-generation Qualcomm AI Engine and the new AI software kit support outstanding performance to help create the latest shooting, audio, and gaming experiences. The fifth-generation AI Engine delivers up to 15 trillion operations per second (15 TOPS), and AI performance is twice that of the previous generation of platforms. The newly upgraded Qualcomm Hexagon profile accelerator is at the heart of Qualcomm AI Engine, with TOPS performance four times that of the previous sheeting accelerator and a 35% increase in operational energy efficiency.

It supports AI-based real-time translation, i.e. the phone’s ability to translate the user’s voice into foreign language text and speech in real time. In addition to Qualcomm AI Engine, the new Qualcomm Sensor Hub allows the terminal to sense the surrounding situation at extremely low power consumption. High-precision voice detection ensures that the preferred voice assistant can accept user instructions clearly and accurately, while enhanced, always-on sensors and intelligent sound recognition take situational awareness AI to a new level.

How strong is Qualcomm's newly released SnapSnapdragon 865 mobile processing platform?

Not only that, but the Qualcomm Neuroprocessing SDK, Hexagon NN Direct, and Qualcomm AI Model Enhancer tools have been upgraded to enable developers to create faster, smarter applications with great freedom and flexibility.

Camera ISP:

Snapdragon 865’s ISP handles up to an amazing 2 billion pixels per second and supports new shooting features and capabilities. Users can take 1 billion colors of 4K HDR video, or 8K video, or capture up to 200 million pixels of photos. With 960 fps unlimited HD slow-motion video shooting, users can also take advantage of a billion-pixel processing speed to capture slow-motion video and capture every millisecond of detail.

At the same time, the Snapdragon 865 is the first to feature Dolby Vision video shooting on a mobile platform, enabling the creation of hdr gorgeous video for large screens. With the combined support of a 1-megapixel high-speed ISP and a fifth-generation AI engine, the phone can quickly and intelligently identify backgrounds, portraits, and objects to take truly customized photos based on different use cases.

How strong is Qualcomm's newly released SnapSnapdragon 865 mobile processing platform?

End-of-the-tour experience:

With the highest graphics quality supported by next-generation Snapdragon Elite Gaming, Snapdragon 865 opens the first time mobile terminals have a new top-of-the-line feature and will deliver a super-smooth gaming experience.

Snapdragon 865 is the first mobile platform to support Desktop Forward Rendering on the Android platform, enabling game developers to introduce end-stream light and post-processing to create a new level of realistic mobile gaming experience. In addition, the Snapdragon 865 for the first time, after OEMs offered Adreno GPU-enabled, enables users to download drivers directly from the App Store on mobile terminals, giving players control over graphics-driven updates and GPU settings to maximize phone performance.

How strong is Qualcomm's newly released SnapSnapdragon 865 mobile processing platform?

For the first time, the Snapdragon 865 also supports a 144 Hz display refresh rate on a mobile terminal, providing higher quality display and visual fidelity for mobile HDR games, and Game Color Plus with more details, Higher color saturation and local tonal mapping improve game quality.

Today, SnapDragon Game Performance Engine supports game-oriented millisecond optimization, with adaptive, predictable real-time system tuning to help deliver a longer, consistent, high-performance gaming experience. The new Adreno 650 GPU supports new hardware embedding features such as Adreno HDR Fast Blend, which achieves up to 2x performance improvement in some operations by optimizing heavy mixed game scenes commonly used in complex particle systems and rendering 。

The Snapdragon 865-powered terminal is expected to be available in the first quarter of 2020, and Motorola, OPPO and Xiaomi have all confirmed the launch of the phone on a new mobile platform.

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