Two Apple Stores in Sydney and Toronto to be refurbished

Apple announced a new Apple Store design in 2015, introducing new elements such as “Interactive Square” “Video Wall” and “Genius Forest” after in-store genius bars, stainless steel walls, tiled floors were replaced by genius forests, limestone walls and terrazzo floors, along with more indoor green vegetation and Interactive workshop for the Today at Apple course.

In addition to the new design sub-style that will be used in new retail stores over the past few years, Apple has also revamped parts of the Apple Store around the world to unify design styles such as the former Guangzhou Tianhuan Plaza Apple Store, The Japan Watch Plaza Apple Store, and New York’s Fifth Avenue. Apple Store, Beijing Sanlitun Apple Store, and more.

Recently, Apple Sydney and Apple Eaton Centre in Sydney and Toronto will also see renovations, with the former closing in January, while the latter has completed renovations and the newly designed retail store will open on December 14. It’s worth noting that the renovation of the Toronto-based Apple Eaton Center will be the first Apple Store in Canada to adopt a new design.

Two Apple Stores in Sydney and Toronto to be refurbished

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