Windows 10 20H1 System DX12 Features Big Upgrade Ray Tracing Graphics To Shuffle

Microsoft’s Windows 10 system brings DirectX 12 (DX12), the latest generation of graphics API, which has been minor for several years, and now Microsoft has announced that the DX12 feature in Windows 10 20H1 in 2020 will be significantly upgraded to bring in a new DXR 1.1 New features such as light chase, grid rendering and sampling feedback, 3D graphics cards are going to be shuffled.

One of the major priorities of this upgrade is the new DXR photo chase standard, and in October 2018 Microsoft released the first version of DirectX Raytracing, or DXR Tier 1.0 (The RTX Tracing of NVIDIDA is also based on this specification). Game developers can use the DXR specification to bring movie-grade live footage to many games.

Now Microsoft is rolling out the new DXR specification, which is called DXR Tier 1.1, adding the following features to version 1.0:

Supports the addition of additional renderers to existing optical pursuit PSos, which significantly improves the efficiency of dynamic PSO.

Light pursuit supports indirect execution (Execute Indirect), so that the amount of light on the GPU execution unit timeline can be adjusted by enabling adaptive algorithms.

Introducing inline light chase, it can provide more direct control over the light traversal algorithm and renderer scheduling, and if the rendering-based light pursuit system is mis-run, it can provide a simpler option or more flexibility. Because RayQuery can be called by every step of the rendering process.

In addition, it provides new examples of DXR applications in computation, especially culling, physics, absorption, querying, etc.

Microsoft says DXR Tier 1.1 is a tier 1.0 standard superset, and developers can build a light-tracing solution based on the existing Tier 1.0 specification, then evaluate the benefits of upgrading to Tier 1.1 and then upgrade based on the game’s needs – to put it bluntly, Tier 1.1 is optional. The developer sits on his own.

In addition to the DXR light-tracing technology upgrade, Microsoft will also introduce mesh rendering (mesh shader) in the latest version of the DX12, the next-generation GPU geometry function that replaces the current input assembler, vertex renderer, boat renderer, surface segmentation, domain renderer, geometric renderer, and more.

Windows 10 20H1版系统DX12功能大升级 光线追踪显卡要洗牌了

Microsoft says the introduction of mesh renderers is primarily an increase in the flexibility and performance of geometric rendering lines, allowing game developers to add geometric detail stoics to render more complex scenes without sacrificing speed.

Another upgrade is sampler feedback, a new feature that records which areas of the texture are accessed during a sampling operation, and with this feature, the game can generate a feedback graph during rendering to record what content in the MIP layer needs to reside.

Microsoft’s official blog also has a more detailed introduction that interested in reading below.

According to Microsoft, the new DX12 will be enabled in the Windows 10 20H1 system, and the Insider program will be able to upgrade to the latest system and then need to download the new DX rendering compiler, but also the graphics card manufacturer to provide the latest GPU driver.

Microsoft did not mention what kind of hardware is needed for the new version of the DX12, but for now, the existing DX12 graphics card should not be fully compatible with the new specifications, DXR and grid rendering should require a new GPU architecture, considering that this is for next year’s Windows 10 system, AMD, AMD, AMD, AMD, NVIDIA’s RDNA2 and Ampere architectures, to be released next year, will fully support the new DX12.

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