Justin Uberti announces departure from Google Duo project as google’s chief engineer for Stadia

Justin Uberti is best known for his role as google’s Duo project leader, having previously been responsible for developing webRTC, the underlying technology available for web-based video calling products such as Google Duo. After leading Google Duo for many years, Justin Uberti has been appointed chief engineer of Google Stadia.

Justin Uberti wrote on social media on December 5: “Some news: I’ve accepted a new position in Seattle to lead the development of Google’s Stadia project. “

Justin Uberti announces departure from Google Duo project as google's chief engineer for Stadia

Justin Uberti and other members of the WebRTC team have begun working with developers on Google Stadia to optimize the performance of their games on Google Stadia. His job description on LinkedIn has now been changed to Google Stadia’s head of engineering.

Google Duo remains Google’s most successful chat app after Hangouts, unlike its brother-in-law, Google Allo, which struggled for months and was killed. Google Duo has been installed more than a billion times, and combined with google’s IoT product depth, it is hoped that the Google Duo team will continue to grow even after Justin Uberti leaves the team.

Based on the news so far, Google has set its heart for the Google Stadia project, but its shortcomings are still fatal, and Google has not come up with a strong enough killer to join Google Stadia. The team can then make a difference to the product.

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