Apple TV Plus’s first episode reviews release

The first episodes, including The Morning Show, Dickinson, For All Mankind, will be released on November 1, which will officially debut on Apple TV, which will be available in some countries around the world on Friday. Before it was officially launched, some of the media had already watched the first few episodes of the episodes in advance, and now with the release of media reviews, we can also get an early look at the “real face” of these Apple TV-plus episodes.

Excerpts from the following evaluations are from some foreign media

Apple TV+首批剧集评价解禁 有惊喜也有失望

“The Morning Show”

Apple TV+首批剧集评价解禁 有惊喜也有失望

1. Variety, a well-known film magazine: “As a leading global technology company, Apple’s Apple TV Plus streaming service represents the vanguard of the television industry, and it’s perhaps not surprising that Apple seems less sensitive to what The Morning Show will mean to audiences.” But strangely, given that the show has so many entry points, the company, which is committed to delivering exceptional experiences, has done much less than it had planned. “The Morning Show” tries to get viewers to pay for the story, but can’t promise to tell a good story. ”

2. Rolling Stone: “Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon were brilliant on “The Morning Show.” But the show (and so far Apple’s streaming service) has no need. ”

3. Hollywood Reporter: “It seems that from episode three, “The Morning Show is just beginning to get interesting.” But for the episode, which is said to be one of the biggest-stake shows in television history and a front-line for the “streaming war,” The Morning Show may not be enough to recommend it. ”

4. Apple Insider: “The Morning Show contains a range of strengths, pompandes and prestige you might expect from the launch of the Apple TV Plus streaming service, but unfortunately it hasn’t been heard so far.” ”

Entertainment Weekly: “The Morning of Apple TV Plus, starring Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon,” Show, while imperfect, is a series that is enough to attract people to the ‘content wars’. ”


Apple TV+首批剧集评价解禁 有惊喜也有失望

1. Variety, a well-known film magazine: “See tells the story of a post-apocalyptic future in which almost everyone loses their sight.” With the first three episodes unfolded, the series gradually moved away from narrative control, from a fun, weird starting point, and gradually towarda a gloomy style. ”

2. Hollywood Reporter: “As you’ll find in the first episodes of other episodes that have landed on Apple TV Plus, See is not yet a good series, but it’s enough to convince you that, under the right circumstances, It will be bred into a good show that makes people clap their hands. ”


Apple TV+首批剧集评价解禁 有惊喜也有失望

1. Variety, a well-known film magazine: Given that the play is a fragmented narrative and stylized representation of the life and work of Emily Dickinson, a famous American poetess of the nineteenth century, its greatest strength is the success of the chosen corner. Even when the show around her (referring to the show’s star, Hailee Steinfeld) starts to collapse because of her ambition, Hailee Steinfeld usually finds a way to support them. 」

2. The Hollywood Reporter: “The play is based on historical research and many of the early real events that took place around Emily Dickinson, a famous American poetess of the nineteenth century. But with Dickinson wanting to mix both serious teen dramas and black comedies, the half-hour show looks a little out of tune, full of satirical fashion. ”

For All Mankind

Apple TV+首批剧集评价解禁 有惊喜也有失望

1. Variety, a well-known film magazine: “For All Mankind was by far the best performer in the first original episodes of Apple TV Plus, especially because it maximized its budget and ability to adapt to achieve a bigger dream than most episodes.” ”

2. Hollywood Reporter: “For All Mankind is an epic series that also incorporates a lot of historical narrative. But on the other hand, “For All Mankind” feels a little less original, and the plot is moving more slowly. ”

As of the time of writing, the four episodes had scored as follows on Meta:

1. “The Morning Show”: 16 professional reviews with 60 points (out of 100);

2. See: 9 professional reviews with 47 points (out of 100);

Dickinson: 9 professional reviews, 66 points (out of 100);

4. For All Mankind: 9 professional reviews with 72 points (out of 100);

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