Scientists raise natural foie gras with bacteria

Recently, according tomedia reports, French scientists are now developing “natural foie gras”, that is, without the use of traditional compulsory feeding technology, but through the flora to promote foie gras growth. The food we usually eat is French foie gras, made from the liver of duck animal geese. It is a liver derived from overfed geese, and Europeans list foie gras with caviar and truffles as “the world’s three great treasures”.

Scientists raise natural foie gras with bacteria


But the process of foie gras cultivation and production is very cruel, in order to allow the foie’s liver to expand to more than 10 times the normal value, the breeder put 20 cm long feeding tube forced into the goose’s esophagus, feeding every 8 hours. At present, the United Kingdom, Finland and other countries have legislation to ban the sale of foie gras sauce.

Now, this brutal method of producing foie gras is expected to be solved, and researchers say they are promoting the growth and fat build-up of foie gras by injecting newborn geese with serum containing natural bacteria.

Researcher Remy Bursellin explained: “This process is actually caused by gut flora, and we found that using a combination of certain bacteria can trigger the development and fat build-up of the geese’s liver, which we call ‘natural foie gras’ because it is not forced feeding to achieve the effect of fatty liver.” “

The company is now preparing to bring “natural foie gras” to market, but it is expensive, about two to three times the price of traditional foie gras.

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