Surface Book battery drum pack 4 years ago: Microsoft’s generous new machine

Microsoft’s first-generation Surface Book laptop, released in October 2015, appears to be experiencing battery problems, with a group of foreign users posting online that the battery drum pack was unusable. Although as of the time of writing, Microsoft has not yet made a public reply, but the actual solution given is to allow users to fully accept, that is, a new machine.

At least three users who encountered the drum kit said they explained the situation at the after-sale point and stressed that “it’s the only laptop that needs it to work healthily” before officials switched to a new treatment.

Surface Book battery drum pack 4 years ago: Microsoft's generous new machine

Of course, there are users who are not so lucky, Microsoft support staff gave the reason, “there is no new first-generation products in stock”, the price of a pay-for-battery is $599.

It seems that Microsoft has been honest with the quality of a product that has been on the market for four years, even though most of them have been insured. Currently, the Surface Book has been updated to the second generation, offering 13.5-inch, 15-inch sizes, starting at $12,068.

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