Microsoft Flight Simulation is about to complete Tech Alpha 2

At last month’s X019 conference, Microsoft Flight Simulation released a new trailer that reveals which models will be among the first to meet. Over the past few months, the technology giant has been updating its latest simulator development, including the upcoming partnership. As the chart below shows, it is almost certain that aircraft manufacturer Cub Crafters has reached a partnership with Microsoft and believes more will be announced in the coming days.

Microsoft Flight Simulation is about to complete Tech Alpha 2

(Instagram via Neowin)

In November, Microsoft launched the tech Alpha 2 phase of the game. Now, this phase of testing is coming to an end. Interested friends should also apply for registration by December 12 (provided you are eligible for an internal test).

Upon completion of the required survey, the Microsoft Flight Simulation development team will contact the applicant who believes it is worth choosing based on the relevant information submitted by the applicant. As for the development roadmap, it has presented an overview for this month and the next round.

Over the next week, the development team will update snapshot feedback with a more detailed development roadmap and more.

In the coming weeks, the development team will adopt a similar update pattern, along with SDKs and media updates, as detailed in the chart above.

Finally, Microsoft took a moment to thank The Reddit user, r/flightsim host Shaka04.

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