Intel: Qualcomm’s anticompetitive practices cost it billions of dollars

In recent court documents, Intel accused former rival Qualcomm of losing billions of dollars in anticompetitive business practices and forcing it to sell its smartphone modem chip business to Apple for a $1 billion sell-off. Intel is understood to have made the request in protest at a Qualcomm ruling earlier this year that its anticompetitive practices hurt competitors and that its licensing practices must be changed.

Intel: Qualcomm's anticompetitive practices cost it billions of dollars

“Intel has been fighting for nearly a decade to build a profitable modem chip business,” Wrote, Intel’s executive vice president and general counsel, wrote in “Why the decision against Qualcomm should be made.” We invested billions of dollars, hired thousands of people, and acquired two companies. Intel was forced out of the market this year after failing to overcome the artificial and insurmountable barriers to fair competition created by Qualcomm. ”

Qualcomm’s appeal is expected to begin in early January 2020.

In addition, a group of automakers and auto parts suppliers issued a statement against Qualcomm, saying its licensing practices would lead to higher auto prices.

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