Amazon asks court to block JEDI contract execution and cites Trump’s comments as evidence of bias

The U.S. government announced a $10 billion cloud computing contract with Microsoft at the end of October, the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI),media msPoweruser reported. Amazon has since sued the U.S. Federal Claims Court over the Pentagon’s award of the contract to Microsoft. Details of Amazon’s court complaint came to light at the first hearing.

Amazon asks court to block JEDI contract execution and cites Trump's comments as evidence of bias

“The JEDI contract was ultimately awarded to Microsoft, although the plaintiff sits characterized by its extensive experience, advanced technology and successful track record of successfully handling the most sensitive government data,” Judge Patricia Campbell-Smith said in a conference call summing up the complaint.

In Amazon’s JEDI sealed complaint, Amazon asked a judge to block the Defense Department from continuing the contract and wanted to restart the bidding process.

“According to the plaintiff, the Defense Department’s failure to fairly believe in (Amazon’s) technical superiority was not only the result of arbitrary and capricious decisions, but also the plaintiff’s belief that the procurement process was compromised and adversely affected by bias,” Patricia said. President Donald Trump has spoken out against the plaintiffs. “

To support their argument, Amazon’s legal team submitted a video clip from FOX News that included Trump’s comments.

In a separate CNBC video, Donald Trump appears to suggest that Microsoft has complained directly to the White House about the contract and Amazon’s actions. On the one hand, Amazon has been accused of stacking specs to fit its services, thereby excluding other items. However, the main plaintiffs in the complaint are HP and Oracle. These complaints were eventually dismissed.

Andy Jassy, chief executive of Amazon Web Services, said: “We strongly believe that it has not been given a fair verdict. I don’t think you’ll make a final decision if you make a really objective and detailed comparison of the platform. “

Microsoft has been trying to maintain a competitive edge, saying only: “We did our best in the rigorous JEDI evaluation process and thank the Department of Defense for choosing Microsoft.” “

“We believe the facts will show that they (DoD) are running a detailed, thorough and impartial process to determine that Microsoft can best meet the needs of its soldiers,” Microsoft said in an emailed statement. “

In addition to the value of the contract, this is especially important because there is speculation that other departments will follow in the Pentagon’s footsteps and upgrade their infrastructure in the future.

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