Adobe wants to acquire Oculus Media VR painting app

Media reported that Adobe is acquiring the Oculus Media app. As a painting app on a virtual reality (VR) platform, it was originally launched by Facebook in 2015. However, according to Oculus’s blog, Adobe has not yet completed the acquisition. The article points out that Medium is available free of charge to Oculus VR users.

Adobe wants to acquire Oculus Media VR painting app

(Image via TheVerge)

But it also hints that Adobe will bring more features, improvements, and other developments to Medium by 2020.

“Medium will complement the 3D authoring experience for your company’s existing subscribers,” says S?bastien Deguy, head of Adobe’s 3D and immersive content.

As a VR art tool for the mass market, Oculus says Medium has been adopted by game developers, concept artists, and other ideal Adobe customers.

Both Deguy and the Media team mentioned that they want to keep Media’s existing community, which makes sense in any case.

Given the size of the VR community, it is clear that users know best how to use, expand, and improve VR authoring tools such as Media.

So why did Oculus choose to sell Medium? There is speculation that Facebook may want to scale back its work in non-VR gaming, and That Medium may seem redundant to Oculus.

In addition, the company has launched another art creation app called Quill, which has expanded its animation capabilities with a 2.0 release in August.

Media works more closely with traditional 3D modeling programs than Google’s Tilt Brush 3D painting app, making it more suitable for expanding to Adobe’s existing product line.

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