(Pictured) Reddit: Russian account sispags leaked UK government documents

In a security announcement released on Friday, Reddit said a Reddit user had released previously leaked British government documents, suggesting that it should be Russia’s usual “secondary communication” approach, which is to disseminate specific content across platforms and languages.

(Pictured) Reddit: Russian account sispags leaked UK government documents

In the announcement, the network connecting multiple accounts repeatedly published the leaked document in several popular sections of Reddit and manipulated Reddit’s voting system to highlight the contents of the document, all in an effort to get more people to pay attention to the disclosure documents.

“We recently found a post on Reddit about the LEAKed documents of the British government,” Reddit said in a blog post. We investigated this account and the account associated with it, and today we can confirm that this was part of an activity originating in Russia. “

The leaked documents, from the UK’s Department for International Trade, are understood to have documented negotiations between the US and the UK over a future trade deal. Britain’s Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn, has caused a stir by citing leaked material showing the Conservative government’s agreement to agree to a trade deal with the US to take on the NHS, the Guardian reported.

Social media research firm Graphik reported on Tuesday that the leaked document was originally posted by Reddit users in early October, two days after another user summarized the contents in German and later posted on two small German-language sites. By the end of October, a now-defunct Twitter account had been spreading news in an unsuccessful hope of drawing public attention. It wasn’t until Mr Corbyn himself held a press conference on November 27th that the news of secret negotiations on the NHS between britain and the US made headlines.

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