Basic Cybertruck booking owners won’t be able to get available until at least 2023

When Tesla mass-produces the Model 3, it produces and sells in order of order, from high to low. Owners who buy the base Model 3 for $35,000 may have to wait a long time. Tesla made the decision for a simple reason: withdraw money as soon as possible. Elon Musk has previously admitted that selling the base Model 3 directly from the start would result in Tesla’s loss and even direct bankruptcy.

Basic Cybertruck booking owners won't be able to get available until at least 2023

While Tesla’s economic situation has improved dramatically and the company has the ability to turn a profit, the recently unveiled Cybertruck will adopt the same sales strategy as the Model 3. Simply put, Tesla will prioritize the all-time four-wheel drive (All-Wheel Drive, AWD) models for dual and three-motor edgy systems, and then focus on the entry-level single-motor rear-wheel drive (RWD) models.

According to Tesla’s Cybertruck booking page, the dual-motor and three-motor models are scheduled to begin mass production by the end of 2021. But the $39,900 base Cybertruck, a single-motor rear drive, won’t be mass-produced until late 2022, meaning it won’t be until at least 2023.

While this may be frustrating for many potential buyers, it makes business sense. But Tesla’s reputation for mass production isn’t very good, with every car released in the past experiencing long delays. Adam Jonas, a Morgan Stanley analyst, recently told CNBC that, in the best case scenario, Tesla “could sell 100,000 electric trucks by the end of 2024.” “

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