Vivo confirms joining Google Fuchsia OS Eco is developing products

Thanks to The Chinese Community Delivery of Fuchsia OS

A company owner of A Vivo’s basic software has recently told the Fuchsia OS Chinese community that it has confirmed that it is joining the Googleia ecosystem and is developing products. News has confirmed that Samsung, Sony, MediaTek, Xiaomi, Huawei, OPPO, Qualcomm and others have been found to be involved in the Fuchsia project, and this confirmed Vivo is the latest mobile phone giant to be known to be involved in the Fuchsia ecosystem.

Vivo confirms joining Google Fuchsia OS Eco is developing products

Almost all of the giants of mobile phones and smart terminal-related products have been identified as part of Google Fuchsia’s ecosystem. These include semiconductor manufacturers, computing chips, communication basebands, graphics chips, consumer terminal manufacturers, software vendors, screen vendors and so on, can be described as quite complete and luxurious.

ST: Professional integrated circuits, COMS imaging sensors, etc.

Amuk ARM: More than 98% of mobile phones worldwide now use at least one ARM processor

Qualcomm: Holds a large number of basic communications patents while developing SnapDragon processors

Imagination Technologies: Display technology used to be available to Apple and Intel

MediaTek: IC Design Factory, just released Dimensity 1000 5G SoC chip

A group of end-user electronics giants: Sony, Samsung, Huawei, OPPO, vivo, Sharp and so on, don’t forget that they are not only terminal equipment manufacturers, but also very important basic components manufacturers and some of the top important component smaller suppliers, such as Sony’s cameras, Samsung’s storage, Sharp’s screen and so on.

Then there’s GlobalEdge Software, the Bangalore-based Indian software giant, and some friends may recall that previous reports from the Chinese community of Fuchsia OS revealed that Huawei’s team involved in the Fuchsia development was its Indian team. Many people have also noticed the news over the past two days that Pichai, the new Indian-born chairman of Google’s parent company AlphaBet, who was google’s global CEO and now has been upgraded to the chairman of the parent company, a new battleground for the future of a new operating system, and India is definitely a country that should not be overlooked. The semiconductor and hardware sectors are far from comparable to those in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Mainland China, but their software strength and future software development are long overt.

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