A pup tried to escape through the Gulf of Mexico and was “intercepted” by the U.S. Coast Guard.

As winter approaches and temperatures drop across the United States, an ambitious pup has decided to move south of Florida and try to escape by “crossing” the Gulf of Mexico,media BGR reported. Unfortunately, it did not succeed in the end.

According to WHDH, U.S. Coast Guard law enforcement officers were preparing for an evening patrol when a call was called to report the discovery of a dog in the ocean. Law enforcement officers moved quickly to find the pup swimming in the Gulf of Mexico near Meyersburg Beach.

In the video filmed by the Coast Guard, the dog can be seen struggling to swim in the water. Eventually the exhausted dog swam to a Coast Guard rescuer who was able to pull it safely onto the boat. It tried to escape but seemed to give up because of tiredness. The Coast Guard said it would soon be reunited with its owner once they brought it back to shore.

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