The cumulative export of bicycles exceeds 1 billion vehicles China has set a new world record

According to domestic media reports, recently, the China Bicycle Association held the “2019 China Bicycle Industry Conference” held in Beijing. According to Liu Suwen, president of the China Bicycle Association, China has exported more than 1 billion bicycles, electric power-powered bicycles and electric bicycles. Moreover, the annual output of China’s bicycle industry, from less than 20,000 units at the founding of New China, has increased to more than 80 million vehicles a year today;

Electric bicycle is not only China’s first, but also from scratch, the development of the current annual average output of more than 30 million vehicles, the annual output value of more than 100 billion yuan, set another “world first.”

In addition, the meeting also announced the development of China’s electric bicycle industry status. In the first three quarters of this year, domestic e-bike production increased by 20.15% and profits increased by 16.92%.

In contrast, the total profits of enterprises above the scale increased by 9.19 percent in the light industry in China. It can be seen that the growth rate of profit spree in the bicycle industry continues to be higher than the average level of light industry, which also shows that the bicycle industry continues to develop towards a good side and gradually develop high-quality development.

At present, the number of bicycles in China is close to 400 million, and the number of electric bicycles is nearly 300 million. It is also ranked First in the world in terms of retention.

And the bicycle industry, not only in the domestic high-speed development, in terms of export earnings is also extremely excellent performance. So far, bicycles and electric bicycles have been exported to more than 1 billion vehicles, into more than 160 countries and regions around the world, greatly facilitate the travel of local people.

In addition, Chinese bicycle enterprises entering the local market have also launched overseas factories, market development and other investment behavior, while for the local tax, employment absorption, promote industrial development and other aspects of the benefits.

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