Aides worry that President Trump is using an unsecured Apple iPhone

Members of President Donald Trump’s team are concerned that at least one of the two iPhone devices the president is using is not safe. A senior official said The phone Mr. Trump uses to send tweets should be checked every 30 days for signs of hacking, and that the president’s other iPhone is regularly checked, but in fact he hasn’t turned over the world-famous “Twitter” call for up to five months because he says monthly checks are conducted.” It’s too inconvenient.”

Aides worry that President Trump is using an unsecured Apple iPhone

According to a new Washington Post report, the question of the safety of an iPhone call to the president has been raised again, with current and former officials saying that the iPhone that Trump used to call his lawyer Rudy Giuliani and others could pose a security threat. The officials believe that Russian and other foreign intelligence agencies may be listening to these conversations.

Phone records released by the House Intelligence Committee this week show that none of the encryption methods were used by Mr. Trump’s calls to Mr. Giuliani, and that unidentified people in the White House were using them; all indications were that they were easily answered by foreign intelligence agencies. The report notes that Moscow may have been able to understand some parts of the president’s plan before the president’s impeachment whistleblower sits on the report. Whistleblowers claim that the president has linked U.S. economic aid to Ukraine to a request for the country to announce an investigation into his main political opponent.

“It’s definitely a security issue, ” said a former aide. He said Mr. Trump’s actions were playing the “monopoly” game for foreign intelligence agencies. Mr. Trump has provided his mobile phone number to several foreign leaders, including British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, French President Emmanuel Macron and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Even though it is not known whether Mr. Trump is talking to the leaders on unsafe devices, four people with ties to Mr. Trump say he still uses the phone regularly.

Two years ago, then-Chief of Staff John Kelly and White House intelligence officials tried to get Mr. Trump to use a secure White House plane. They even tried to explain to the president that foreign intelligence agencies could eavesdrop on calls on his iPhone. The officials say Mr. Trump now uses an official phone that is safer than his iPhone, but the machine is often used to allay officials’ concerns.

House investigators were able to subpoena wireless carriers to investigate information about Mr. Trump’s phone calls to Mr. Giuliani. This means that these conversations are not conducted through encrypted phone lines or apps such as WhatsApp. Calls made using the application will benefit from end-to-end encryption and will not appear in the carrier’s logs.

All this information suggests that President Trump is not doing what he can and should be cautious about his iPhone. But the problem is that even if Mr. Trump uses a security line, and if the other end does not use a security phone, the conversation could be captured by foreign intelligence agencies.

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