Volvo executive: Tesla Model 3 influences our product design

Volvo’s chief executive, Henrik Green, said in an interview with the media that the XC40, its first all-electric model, had been heavily influenced by the design and development of the Tesla Model 3. Henrik Green says the XC40 was originally designed with a battery charge of 70kWh, but after purchasing and experiencing the Model 3’s long-range all-wheel drive version (with a battery capacity of 75kWh), Volvo’s technology development team realized the xC40’s battery life and Model’s battery life 3 is not at the same level, so the final decision was made to increase the battery capacity to 78kWh.

It is understood that the Volvo XC40 was officially released on October 7 this year, the new car for the characteristics of electric vehicle type for a special safety design, with 78kWh battery pack, WLTP operating conditions for 400km.

Powered, the car is equipped with a motor on the front/rear axle, with 414 horsepower, 660 Nm, 0-100km/h acceleration time 4.9s, and in fast charging mode, it takes only 40 minutes to charge 80% of the power.

The XC40 pure-electric version has not yet been priced overseas, but has already opened a reservation for $1,000.

Volvo executive: Tesla Model 3 influences our product design

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