Tesla has overtaken BYD as the world’s largest electric car maker

Tesla’s overall capacity and delivery of electric vehicles have also improved significantly after model 3 capacity bottlenecks were overcome, production and delivery steadily increased, with experts saying Tesla has overtaken BYD as the world’s largest maker of electric vehicles in terms of overall deliveries. Tesla overtook BYD as the world’s largest maker of electric cars, starting with data expert Kevin Rooke, who counted the number of electric cars delivered by Tesla and BYD.

According to Kevin Rourke, Tesla delivered 807,954 electric vehicles to consumers in the year to October, while BYD delivered 787.15 million vehicles, 208.04 million less than Tesla.

Tesla has overtaken BYD as the world's largest electric car maker

And it’s worth noting that BYD’s 780,000 cars include plug-in hybrids, and Tesla’s all-electric vehicles.

Tesla and BYD are both emerging carmakers, and Tesla was founded in 2003, BYD was founded in 1995, but only entered the automotive industry in 2003 through acquisitions, so the two companies are starting out at the same time in terms of cars, with less than 20 years of experience in this area.

Since its inception, Tesla has launched model S, Model X, Model 3, Model Y, electric truck Semi, electric pickup Cybertruck, electric sports car Roadster and many other electric vehicles, the first three of which have been mass-produced and delivered.

BYD has launched fuel cars and new energy vehicles from the Tang, Song, Qin, Yuan and other dynasties, as well as e1, S2, e2 and e3 electric vehicles, and in 2008 won an investment from Warren Buffett.

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