Sony applies new patent For suspected PSVR2’s “remote presence” new feature

There have been a lot of rumours about PS5 lately, but it may be easy to forget the PSVR2 that might have accompanied the PS5. Sony is mulling a “virtual reality camera tracking system,” according to newly discovered trademark information from media outlet LetsGoDigital.

The patent was filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in October 2018 and officially opened on November 21, 2019. The patent’s name is “Actuator yes – self-executing device”. However, after looking closely at the content, we can see that this is a complete VR/AR system, the device uses the appearance of the sphere, heresy equipped with stereo camera, the other end of the use of VR headset. Through this system, both parties can connect and share the immersion experience.

Users using virtual reality cameras will have real-time access to the camera and microphone at one end. All head movements feed back to the peripheral sphere unit, which rotates the camera through an arced track. By using different dynamic patterns, the system can convey different emotional states – joy, surprise, disgust, atmosphere, sadness.

For example, when a user wears a VR camera and bows down (like when we’re depressed), the system recognizes this pattern of behavior and controls the camera of the peripheral device to pour down 30 degrees to express sadness.

Sony has said the PS5 will be down-compatible with the current PSVR device, so the device may also be extended to the existing PSVR.

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