Finland’s Elisa opens one of Europe’s largest 5G networks in Helsinki, huawei offers 5G devices

Elisa, a Finnish telecoms operator, said it had achieved a large-scale 5G deployment in the capital Helsinki. Following yesterday’s announcement that it would expand its 5G coverage in TheFord, Elisa held a media conference today to announce the opening of 5G network services in the city of Seinayoki and to report on the progress of next-generation network technology. In addition to Helsinki, Elisa has completed 5G deployments in Vantaalla and Espoossa and will continue to rapidly promote 5G commercialine in the three major cities until the end of the year.

Finland's Elisa opens one of Europe's largest 5G networks in Helsinki, huawei offers 5G devices

Elisa leads other Finnish telecom operators to promote 5G commercial

“By the end of 2019, Elisa 5G will cover the entire capital population, with more than 200,000 5G users,” Veli-Matti Mattila, Elisa’s chief executive, said in a company announcement. Hundreds of 5G base stations have been deployed in the capital region. Our goal is to fully cover the central city of the capital with 5G. ”

At the same time, Elisa Network Solutions Director Sami Rajam?ki points out that 5G deployments are currently being deployed at the speed of more than 30 base stations per week in the capital region.

The Mayor of Helsinki, Jan Vapaavuori, said that our goal is to be the most digitally advanced city in the world, and that the 5G network is critical. New technologies are rapidly evolving through close collaboration between departments.

Elisa pioneered 5G commercialization earlier this year and quickly released 5G packages and terminals. Vesa-Pekka, director of Elisa’s personal user services, said thousands of users were very satisfied with the current use of 5G networks. With the further expansion of the 5G network, the number of users is expected to continue to grow. Elisa is also the first to launch a 5G home network, so that 5G services to thousands of households.

To date, Elisa has been in Helsinki, Espooseen, Tampereelle, Vantaalle, Ouluun, Turkuun, Jyv?skyl?n, Lahteen, Kuopioon, 5G networks are available in Thekouvolaan and Seinayoki. In addition, Elisa works with manufacturers to provide 5G phones and routers, as well as 300M, 600M, and 1000M traffic plans.

Finland's Elisa opens one of Europe's largest 5G networks in Helsinki, huawei offers 5G devices

Elisa launches 5G home broadband network to replace fibre

5G-scale deployment in the capital region, Elisa uses Huawei 5G equipment

Elisa uses solutions for different network equipment vendors to build its 5G network. Initially nokia’s 5G network in and around Helsinki, Elisa chose Huawei’s 5G device, replacing some of Nokia’s 5G base stations.

For example, at the Elisa Kulma event site today, 5G networkdownloadspeed exceeds 1Gbps, with delays as low as 5-6ms.

Elisa is expected to be operational in 2020, according to Sami Rajam?ki, Director of Network Solutions. 5G network not only provides high-speed data transmission, but also further reduces network latency.

Finland's Elisa opens one of Europe's largest 5G networks in Helsinki, huawei offers 5G devices

Sami Rajam?ki says 5G is moving fast

Not all of the first commercial 5G smartphones supported SA networking. Of the 5G smartphones currently sold in Finland, only Huawei Mate 20 X supports SA networks, and Qualcomm and Samsung’s 5G modems do not support SA networks.

5G will also be extended to the new band. Currently, Finland’s 5G network uses 3.5GHz, but later there will be higher spectrum such as millimeter-wave 28GHz and low-frequency resources such as 700MHz. In Finland, the introduction of millimeter waves also requires regulatory and network licensing.

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