DDR5 Memory Starts Production next year: AMD Zen4/Intel As Soon as 2021

In the last year, DDR4 memory chips continue to reduce prices, and now 8GB DDR4 single memory is not the same as three years ago close to the price of a thousand dollars, as long as more than 200 rmb can be done. Many players do not feel good about DDR4 memory, look forward to  use of DDR5 memory, but DDR5 memory progress is not as fast as imagined, in 2020 the major memory chip manufacturers will mass-produce DDR5 memory, two or three years before the popularity.

The JEDEC specification organization, which led the development of memory standards, has previously announced the official release of the DDR5 standard in 2018, but it has not, and the final specification will not be completed until 2020, with the goal of doubling the memory bandwidth on the DDR4 basis at a rate of 3200Mbps and up to 6400Mbps. Voltage is reduced from 1.2V to 1.1V, reducing power consumption by 30 %.

DDR5内存2020年开始生产 AMD Zen4/Intel最快2021年跟进

In fact, the DDR5 memory standard in Samsung, Micron and SK Helix tests is very high, in which SK Helix introduced the first JEDEC-compliant DDR5 memory in November last year, with a frequency of DDR5-5200, which is 60% faster than the DDR4 3200MHz. Bandwidth is also as high as 41.6GB/s, and 11 Full HD movies can be transmitted per second.

DDR5 memory is clearly out of play this year, with DDR5 memory expected to start in 2020 and SK Helix saying they will start mass production of DDR5 memory in 2020.

At present deciding factors of  DDR5 memory is still the support platform, in this regard AMD, Intel action is very slow, after all, the time is not ripe, AMD next year’s Zen3 architecture is also determined to AM4 compatible, will continue to support DDR4 memory, and Intel in 2020, It will continue to push the 14nm processor in 2021, and there is no possibility of upgrading the DDR5.

Instead, 10nm Tiger Lake can expect, because the mobile version of Tiger Lake-U supports THE LPDDR5, which is not the same as the DDR5 standard, but it also means that the 10nm Tiger Lake-S desktop version is expected to debut DDR5 memory. Anyway, the two will not be able to follow up on DDR5 desktop/mobile support until at least 2021.

Compared to the consumer market, the server market should be the fastest to use of DDR5 memory, Intel this year’s launch of 10nm Agilex FPGA support DDR5, the end of August began shipping.

But DDR5 memory comes relatively late, but the popularity will be faster than DDR4, IDC reports that DDR5 memory demand will start to rise in 2020, 2021 can account for 25% of the total memory market, 2022 is as high as 44%, 2023 will become mainstream market.

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