China’s most strict crash test: Japanese cars perform best Domestic car progress

Since its establishment, CIASI has won the title of “China’s most strict crash test” by virtue of its professionalism, impartiality, authority and rigour in terms of credibility and persuasiveness, as well as the professionalism, impartiality, authority and rigor of IIHS’s crash testing standards in the United States. Since its establishment, CHINA Insurance Research has tested 36 models and summarized the results of all model struck tests, showing the following characteristics:

“Thin” Japanese car performs best

In the impression of many people, german car leather is hard-hit, Japanese car  is not safe, such a statement has been widely circulated in the folk, many people firmly believe that the Japanese car in order to save fuel and save costs in the car weight and safety configuration reduction, so not resistant to collision is not safe. However, in the crash test, the Japanese car performed best, in the front bias, side impact, roof strength, seat headrest, auxiliary safety, pedestrian protection, collision-resistant maintenance of the seven criteria to obtain six “G excellent” results of the seven models, the Japanese car occupies 5 models, four from Toyota and one from Nissan.

And the widely recognized “sturdy” German car performance is not ideal, the best performance is Mercedes C-Class, ranked in the top 10, only get 3 excellent, 3 good, BMW 3 Series and Volkswagen Maiten ranking downstream, while the volkswagen view L and Skoda Kodiak in the bottom, and the hearts of the common people “sturdy” The impression doesn’t match.

Domestic cars make rapid progress

As mentioned above, of the seven models that achieved six “G excellent” results, the Necker 01 is the only domestic car. In addition, BYD Tang, WEY VV5 performance is also very outstanding, ranked upstream. Zhongtai T600, Passgon GS7 and Haver H5 are all ranked in the ranking, received good reviews.

American car performance is still OK

Ford Focus won five “G excellent” and two “A good” and the Cadillac XT4 also received five “G excellent” performance. Buick Ancowe has won four “G-excellent” and is acceptable.

Korean car performance is not ideal

There are three Korean cars involved in the collision, all ranked downstream of the list, of which Hyundai Fiesta, the lead performance is poor, Kia Zhi ran the worst performance, only won a “G excellent”.

Vehicle safety has always been one of the important basis for consumers to buy cars, the emergence of China Insurance Research so that domestic consumers have a reference to the vehicle safety evaluation basis, but also hope that in the future more models in the sale to participate in this crash test, to help our vast number of consumers can buy more and more safe car products.

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