The birth of the world’s most expensive shoes attracted attention: worth 140 million yuan

There will always be some strange things in the world, such as the world’s most expensive high-heeled shoes. Italian media reported that the country’s famous designer Antonio Vietri in Dubai launched a stylish high-heeled shoes for $19.9 million (about 140 million yuan). The shoes are now the world’s most expensive pair of high heels.


The shoes were reportedly named “Moon Star” by italian designers and custom-made by mystery buyers from Dubai. As it stands, the rich in the United Arab Emirates have long been obsessed with and courted high-end Italian luxury goods.

The shoes, which are so expensive to sell, include a 30-carat diamond in addition to the pure gold heel, as well as a meteorite fragment that fell in Argentina in 1576, which is why the deal was $19.9 million.

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