Amazon saves $15 a month for free delivery to U.S. Prime members

Amazon announced today that it will offer free grocery delivery to Prime members in the United States. Amazon said it would offer free grocery delivery to all Prime members living in 2,000 towns and cities in   a two-hour window, including items from Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods.

亚马逊免费向美国Prime会员配送生鲜 每月省15美元

Currently, Amazon Prime members pay $119 a year. But you’ll still have to pay an extra $14.99 a month for Amazon Fresh Fresh. But today, Prime members get free shipping for everything from fresh meat and vegetables to snacks.

In response, Stephanie Landry, Amazon’s vice president for grocery delivery, said groceries have been one of Amazon’s fastest-growing areas, and the new program will make Amazon a free benefit for all Prime members.

“It’s a game-changer that will be one of the most popular items on Prime services,” Landry said. ”

Analysts say the change underscores Amazon’s increasing delivery efficiency. Amazon has long wanted to shorten delivery times, which in turn has spurred more frequent purchases and more spending. Amazon has promised that all Prime members will default to one-day delivery this year and are spending billions of dollars to develop warehouse and distribution infrastructure.

It’s also a sign that Amazon continues to make Its Prime membership service more attractive. Amazon currently has more than 100m Prime members worldwide, but as the addressable market shrinks, concerns are growing.

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