Samsung is in talks with MediaTek about the A-Series phone expected to carry the latter’s 5G chip

MediaTek’s entry into the 5G market is expected to take on another city, following orders from brands such as OPPO, Vivo and Xiaomi, according to Taiwan’s Business Times. MediaTek is in touch with Samsung and is actively testing 5G chips to tap into the Samsung A-Series smartphone supply chain by 2020. Previously, MediaTek officially launched the 5G flagship mobile phone chip “Dimensity 1000”, and has been OPPO, Vivo and Xiaomi and other orders, the follow-up is expected to join Huawei’s affordable series of glory.

Samsung is in talks with MediaTek about the A-Series phone expected to carry the latter's 5G chip

Not only that, the market is more out, Samsung is in contact with MediaTek, the intention to mainstream and affordable 5G smartphone chips into Samsung A-Series and other mobile phones, and MediaTek has entered a positive delivery phase, as soon as 2020 is expected to be good news.

MediaTek has hacked into Samsung’s supply chain in the past with the 4G phone chip Helio P25, according to the analysis. Samsung has closed its ODM plant on the mainland and will outsource its mid- to low-end smartphones to the land-based ODM plant in the future, representing a significant increase in the chances of orders to be placed on mediatek’s mid- and low-end smartphone strains, whether on Samsung’s 5G or 4G mid-to-low-end smartphone strains.

Reported that MediaTek in 5G smartphone chip specifications, has developed NSA/SA, Sub-6 band, representative can support the current majority of the world’s telecom operatorspecification specifications, it is already 5G before the shift corner, with the world’s first-line 5G chip factory, MediaTek is developing a more advanced mmWave band, with the chance to launch in 2021 as soon as possible.

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