Lanzhou sudden 65 people serologically positive brucellosis what on earth?

On December 6, a number of people suspected of contracting Bruceltois disease at the Lanzhou Veterinary Research Institute in Gansu Province reached a hot spot. According to the official notice of the Lanzhou Veterinary Research Institute, of the 263 people tested so far, 65 have been confirmed to be serologicalally positive (mainly laboratory staff). The first four students (28-29 November) were identified as a recessive infection of the disease.

Lanzhou sudden 65 people serologically positive brucellosis what on earth?

Announcement issued by lanzhou city health committee

After the incident, the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences has launched an emergency disposal plan. The National Health and Health Commission, the National Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Gansu Province CDC and other departments formed a joint working group to carry out epidemiological investigations and coordinate diagnostic treatment.

Previously, in 2011, a similar case of brucellosis infection occurred at Northeastern Agricultural University, with 27 students and one teacher confirmed. At that time, it also attracted wide attention and attention.

Lanzhou sudden 65 people serologically positive brucellosis what on earth?

People’s Daily report on the infection of brucellosis by teachers and students of Northeast Agricultural University

So, what kind of disease is brucellosis? What are its hazards to the human body? What does serotype positive mean?

Where is brucellosis sacred?

Brucellosis (commonly known as cloth disease), for ordinary people may be relatively unfamiliar, but its harm is not to be underestimated. According to the Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases, brucellosis is a Class B infectious disease. Among this type of infectious disease are malaria, tuberculosis, AIDS and so on as we know it.

Brucellosis is essentially an animal disease, mainly in cattle, sheep, pigs and other livestock spread, will bring economic losses to animal husbandry. When adult animals are infected with brucellosis, the reproductive system is affected, male livestock can manifest as testicularitis and appendicitis, and female animals will be born prematurely and miscarried after pregnancy. Among them, abortion is a common complication of animal brucellosis.

Because brucellosis is also a zoonotic disease, in some unexpected cases, people can also be infected with brucellosis. And the population is generally susceptible to brucellosis, a small amount of bacteria can cause disease, and there is no difference in age, sex, children, young adults and the elderly will be infected.

The routes of infection are mostly direct or indirect contact with sick animals and their products: such as direct infection through skin wounds, infection through the conjunctiva of the eye, inhalation of aerosols with germs, consumption of unsterilized milk and dairy products. Animal husbandry production, processing personnel, veterinarians, relevant laboratory personnel are high-risk groups of disease. But the disease hardly spreads from person to person.

Lanzhou sudden 65 people serologically positive brucellosis what on earth?

In the laboratory Bruceella bacteria is highly susceptible to transmission, bacteriological analysis should be carried out under the full protection of safety clothing . . . Brucelosis in Humans and Animals

What are the symptoms of brucellosis?

There are several types of brucellosis, and the risk and severity of the disease in the population depend seamount spree on the specific type of exposure.

The most commonly infected person is the sheep brucellosis, which is the most toxic species. There are also two more virulent strains in the pig species, which can lead to serious diseases.

Lanzhou sudden 65 people serologically positive brucellosis what on earth?

Sheep’s brucellosis . . . Brucelosis in Humans and Animals

After a person infected with brucellosis, after 2 to 3 weeks of incubation period, about half of the patients will develop acute disease. The specific performance of fever, sweating, fatigue, anorexia, etc. , this fever will change like a wave, the interval of several days rise and fall. The other half of the patients had a more subtle illness, usually weeks or months later before specific symptoms and signs developed.

The diagnosis of brucellosis usually requires a suspected diagnosis and a confirmed diagnosis of both processes. This Lanzhou test report shows that brucellosis serological positive, that is: RBPT (tiger red glass condenser set test) positive, SAT (test tube coagulation test) positive, the effect price of 1:100 . It is the standard method for the suspected diagnosis of brucellosis.

Lanzhou sudden 65 people serologically positive brucellosis what on earth?

Test results show positive for brucellosis serologically Know

After the suspected diagnosis, also need to through clinical manifestations, relying on bacterial separation or specific antibody testing, combined with the epidemiological history (such as recent contact with animals such as cattle, sheep and pigs, whether drinking raw sheep’s milk, etc.) to further diagnose, to eliminate false positive conditions (such as people who heal after the disease, tiger red slide condensation test will also show positive).

But some infected people can develop a recessive infection or become atypical, which can lead to mild symptoms being misdiagnosed, and some doctors’ inexperience with brucellosis may delay diagnosis.

Lanzhou sudden 65 people serologically positive brucellosis what on earth?

After determining the positive antibody of brucellosis, further diagnosis is required in combination with medical history and antigen screening. Pixabay

How to treat and prevent brucellosis?

The danger of brucellosis is that it affects almost any organ in the body. More than 40% of cases of bone and joint lesions, the most common complications of brucellosis, which can also cause lung complications, infection of brucellosis in men, which can cause complications in the genitory system, common testicularitis and appendicitis, and brucellosis infection in women during pregnancy. Increases the risk of spontaneous abortion and intrauterine transmission, especially in the early stages of pregnancy… About 2% of infected people have endocarditis, which is the most common cause of death from brucellosis.

One of the troubles with brucellosis is that it belongs to a combination of intracellular parasitic bacteria. This means that it can survive and reproduce in the host’s phagocytosis cells, which is relatively difficult to remove, so the treatment is mainly to ensure the effectiveness of antibiotics and adequate course of treatment.

Lanzhou sudden 65 people serologically positive brucellosis what on earth?

Brucellosis can be treated with antibiotics . . . Pixabay

Acute stage patients without complications, usually cured by standardized antibiotic synod, and patients with complications also need targeted treatment. Timely diagnosis and antibacterial treatment of pregnant women with brucellosis can even save the life of the fetus.

If the treatment of acute stage is not timely and incomplete, some people will become chronic brucellosis. Chronic brucellosis is difficult to cure, and patients are at risk of deactivation, resulting in a failure to work and live properly.

In terms of prevention, not only animal husbandry and veterinary practitioners and researchers need to be vigilant, but also the general public should not be taken lightly. The infection of brucellosis not only occurs in pastoral areas and laboratories, but also in recent years brucellosis infections caused by the consumption of unquarantined and thoroughly sterile beef and mutton and milk in cities.

Lanzhou sudden 65 people serologically positive brucellosis what on earth?

Xi’an children are mostly suffering from brucellosis due to exposure to sheep, cattle or eating sheep’s milk . . . China Maternal and Child Health Research

At present, it is difficult to completely eliminate brucellosis in animals, and we have not yet developed a safe and effective vaccine.

In the vast majority of cases, brucellosis can only be prevented through personal hygiene, the adoption of safe operating guidelines, the protection of the environment and food hygiene. For example, do not eat undercooked meat products, do not drink unsterilized milk and dairy products, relevant practitioners to do a good job of protection, laboratory biosecurity level to meet the standards, strict implementation of animal quarantine. Only by strengthening prevention awareness and management measures can the probability of infection be minimized.

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