AI robot CIMON, who was ’emotionally out of control’ on the International Space Station, gets upgrade

SpaceX was forced last week to cancel the first launch of its Dragon cargo spacecraft station resupply mission because of bad weather conditions,media BGR reported. But in the end SpaceX managed to launch its spacecraft into space. The spacecraft is delivering a host of supplies and experimental devices to the International Space Station, including an upgraded version of the AI-driven floating robot that “gets out of control” while interacting with astronauts.

AI robot CIMON, who was 'emotionally out of control' on the International Space Station, gets upgrade

About a year ago, astronauts at the space station tested the capabilities of CIMON robots as robotic assistants. It is designed to provide information about mission-critical tasks, alerts, and helpful tips. Unfortunately, the first iteration of a robot tested in space was unexpected in the test.

In December, the European Space Agency (ESA) released a video showing the robot working on the space station. Things seem to be going well, but the robot sits on its own initiative. It appeared to have been hurt by “emotional” and then interrogated alexander Gerst, the handler. It accused Gerst of being “very mean” and then demanded to know if Gerst liked it.

As Reuters reported, the upgrade also features “emotional sensing.” But it remains to be seen whether it will surprise the first CIMON robot.

“The overall goal is to really create a real partner,” CIMON 2’s chief architect told Reuters. “The relationship between astronauts and CIMON is very important. It will try to understand whether astronauts are sad, angry, happy, and so on. “

Artificial intelligence could be a huge ally for astronauts aboard the space station and for space travelers who will travel to other worlds in the future. Ultimately, organizations such as ESA and NASA believe that artificial intelligence will be a partner for astronauts in space and help maintain spacecraft systems while giving human scientists more time to focus on science.

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