Taiwan Media: TSMC Gets First Order for Sony CMOS Image Sensor

According to Taiwanese media reports, due to the explosion of demand, the global image sensor leader Sony production capacity is insufficient, its CMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor) image sensor orders for the first time to TSMC. People familiar with the matter said that Sony is already TSMC customers, in the past cooperation to logical chips-based, did not transfer image sensors to TSMC contract workers, this sony rare release of orders, TSMC is stepping up preparations to meet the arrival of new orders for large customers.

Taiwan media said that this time Sony’s first release of image sensor orders, will be TSMC Nanke 14a plant to import 40 nm process production, TSMC for this addition of new equipment, scheduled to be installed in the second quarter of next year, August trial production, the initial monthly production capacity of 20,000 pieces, the first quarter of 2021 a large number of deliveries, the subsequent intention to expand production capacity, The two sides are expected to extend their cooperation to 28 nanometers and below.

Taiwan Media: TSMC Gets First Order for Sony CMOS Image Sensor

Photo from Sony’s website

People familiar with the matter said that Sony is optimistic about the 5G era to drive strong demand for image sensors, but its own capacity is in short supply, coupled with Samsung, Howie and other competitors are accelerating the pace of production expansion, especially how many years With tsmc power capacity support, the rapid increase in market share, so that Sony decided to change the past home-made strategy, For the first time, the image sensor was handed over to TSMC.

TSMC was founded in 1987, is the world’s largest wafer founditor semiconductor manufacturing plant, customers including Apple, Qualcomm and so on. It is headquartered in the Hsinchu Science and Industry Park in Hsinchu, Taiwan. TSMC’s shares are listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange under the symbol 2330, and American Depositary Receipts are listed on the New York Stock Exchange, with the stock code tsitpassed tsM.

At Friday’s close, TSMC ‘s (NYSE: TSM) shares were up 0.99 percent at $54.94, giving it a market capitalization of about $284.923 billion.

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