Linux Kernel 5.5 development launch first RC released

After two weeks of consolidation and the arrival of the Linux Kernel 5.4 kernel family, we’re finally getting the first preferred release of Linux Kernel 5.5. Linus Torvalds himself has just announced that the Linux Kernel 5.5 rc1 has started public testing. Interested friends can download the experience through the website.

Linux Kernel 5.5 development launch first RC released

(Screenshot via Softpedia)

As the first milestone in the development of the kernel in this series, the community is now able to learn about the new features and changes in Linux Kernel 5.5-rc1. Linus Torvalds said on Sunday afternoon:

The consolidation window was smooth, with a slightly more submission than a few earlier, but there was nothing really worth noting. Half of the patches are driver-related, followed by Arch Update.

Friends interested in driving testing and error reporting may wish to go to the website to download the experience. It is important to note that as a pre-release release, do not replace the stable kernel in any production environment.

As the first kernel series to be released in 2020, Linux Kernel 5.5 will be officially available in late January or early February 2020, depending on how many candidate releases (RC) will be available by then.

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