How many secrets does the earth have? This year, 71 new species have been discovered.

Researchers at the California Academy of Sciences have discovered 71 new plant and animal species in 2019,media reported. Among them, including flowers, fish, corals, spiders, sea cucumbers, ants and lizards. They are hidden in caves, forests and even the deepest depths of the ocean in every corner of the world. Scientists believe that learning more about these interesting new species can lead to a better understanding of the environment and biomes and targeted conservation efforts.

How many secrets does the earth have? This year, 71 new species have been discovered.

“Despite decades of relentless searches for some of the most familiar and remote places on Earth, biodiversity scientists estimate that more than 90 percent of natural species are still unknown,” said Shannon Bennett, president of the California Academy of Sciences. “

He added, “The abundance of plants and animals is what makes life on our planet thrive: in the face of the climate crisis, the interconnectedness of all life systems provides collective resilience.” Every newly discovered species is a reminder to better understand and protect these precious ecosystems. “

A fish called Wakanda.

The scientists discovered the purple-covered fish in a secret reef 260 feet below the surface of the water. They live in dark coral reefs in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Tanzania and are known as the Twilight Zone. Fish is a new species of so-called fairy herring.

Their scales have a deep pigment that retains a deep purple even when preserved for research.

The fish were named “Cirrhilabrus Wakanda” in tribute to the Waganda Kingdom and the Black Panthers in Marvel Animation.

Endangered lizards and geckos

In 2019, Aaron Bauer, an associate researcher at the Academy of Sciences, discovered 15 mottled geckos, an orange lizard, a ring-tailed lizard and three stone dragons. Most of them are endangered. They are all located in very small geographical areas, so any destruction, such as deforestation, can deplete their numbers.

Weird Spider

In 2019, researchers discovered five new spiders, some of which were very strange.

Researchers have found a family of spiders living in anthills in Mexico’s Chihuahua desert, which often live underground.

“The only way to study what they’re doing is to dig them out. But if you do, they are no longer in a natural state. Darrell Ubick, curator at the Entomology Institute, said.

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