THEC64 full-size Commodore 64 retro game console starts shipping

The era of retro mini-game consoles may finally be over, especially now that most consoles and even an arcade cabinet can be recreated in miniature form,media reported. This makes all-size retro consoles, such as Commodore 64 and its THEC64, all make even more sense.

THEC64 full-size Commodore 64 retro game console starts shipping

It is reported that the retro game products are finally beginning to ship to bookers, at least for those living in Europe.

Commodore 64 does not meet the classic definition of previous game equipment, nor does it conform to the current THEC64. They’re closer to a traditional computer, except that it blends hardware with the keyboard, which players can use to type.

Not only is the THEC64 loyal to the size and keyboard, it also tries to be loyal to the re-transmission of the original audio experience, compressing the video image to 720p. In addition, THEC64 supports C64 and VIC 20 cartridges and formats.

THEC64 is not satisfied with simply recreating the past, which wants to bring a whole new original gaming experience to the player. Developed by Knights of Bytes, Sam’s Journey attempts to create the look and feel of a classic 8-bit game, but at the same time it is decorated with modern games.

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