Shenzhen Airport takes the lead in realizing the intelligent allocation of space resources in China

Recently, the construction of Shenzhen Airport Wisdom Airport has once again achieved important results. With the Shenzhen Airport’s intelligent distribution system of space resources officially on-line operation, Shenzhen Airport in the domestic airport spearheaded through the introduction of AI algorithm strategy, the realization of the automatic, intelligent allocation of aircraft, more than a thousand flights location allocation can be completed in only 1 minute, the airport flight bridge rate will be further enhanced.

Shenzhen Airport takes the lead in realizing the intelligent allocation of space resources in China

In recent years, Shenzhen Airport adheres to the “people-centered” development idea, is committed to increasing the application of new technologies, new equipment, to solve the current passenger service and operational security bottlenecks, so that the airport operation more efficient, more convenient service. With the continuous and rapid development of airport passenger and cargo business, the tension of ground operation and security resources at Shenzhen Airport is becoming more and more obvious. Among them, Shenzhen Airport is currently available more than 230 aircraft, the corridor bridge space and the ratio of the remote seats is 1:3, some flights passengers can not use the corridor bridge seat, need to take a ferry car in the remote seat to arrive. In order to enhance the passenger experience and airport operating efficiency, Shenzhen Airport began construction of the intelligent allocation system of space resources in November last year, recently completed the joint control verification, the system test run stable, officially launched.

It is understood that the new on-line location resources intelligent allocation system according to the actual situation of Shenzhen Airport, with AI algorithm as the core, to improve the operational efficiency of flights as the goal, the integration of the current location allocation of Shenzhen Airport business rules, the realization of “machine-oriented, manual as a supplement” of the location resources automation, intelligent allocation. “In the past, it took about four hours to allocate seats for more than 1,000 flights per day through the manual allocation model. According to the airport officials, the new system can automatically complete the allocation of seats, the time is reduced to 1 minute, and every 10 minutes can be rolled refresh, refresh time only 10 seconds. Through the use of intelligent allocation system of space resources, Shenzhen Airport can effectively improve the bridge rate and corridor bridge turnover rate, to achieve further optimization of airport operation to ensure the allocation of resources, operational efficiency to further improve, so that more flights docked in the near-terminal, to provide passengers with a better quality travel experience.

It is reported that, a few days ago, the Civil Aviation Administration issued “on the promotion of the airport new technology application guidance.” By 2035, new technologies will be fully applied in the field of airports, and the application of new technologies will become an important symbol of the construction of the “four-type airport” and the high-quality development of the airport. In recent years, Shenzhen Airport in accordance with the Civil Aviation Administration to promote the “four-type airport” construction and high-quality development of civil aviation, together with The local enterprise huawei, in the industry to take the lead in the opening of digital transformation, through the establishment of “big security” “big transport control” “big service” “big management” four business systems, Shenzhen Airport has been initially formed to operate” A new model of “security” and “one line” of service. The intelligent allocation system of space resources running on the line is one of the achievements of the construction of the Smart Airport (Phase I) project.

“We will continue to increase the application of new technologies, through the construction of smart airports to continue to enhance the airport governance modernization level and passenger access. Shenzhen Airport officials said that next, Shenzhen Airport will pay close attention to the system after the use of the day-to-day operation and passenger experience, increase user demand research, and constantly optimize and upgrade related indicators, continuous innovation and improvement, and strive to cover the system function to the airport’s comprehensive resource management, to achieve more intelligent allocation of operational resources, Help the construction of smart airport.

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