Trump complains about small water flow in U.S. toilets: 10 to 15 times

Media said U.S. President Donald Trump said he wanted to review water standards in bathrooms and bathrooms when he met with U.S. small business representatives at the White House on December 6. “You can’t wash your hands properly because the taps are very small,” Mr. Trump complained to businessmen, according to Russian news agency RIA Novosti on December 7. The result is that you’ve been driving it longer, and you’ll end up with so much water. “

Mr. Trump called the retrial criteria “reasonable” and said the current standard sedits have led to “silent drips” in the bathroom, while repeated flushing in the bathroom requires more water.

Trump complains about small water flow in U.S. toilets: 10 to 15 times

“People flush the toilet 10 times, 15 times, not once,” Bloomberg reported, citing Mr. Trump.

He explained that lowering water pressure does not save water and does not help the ecological environment.

Trump spent $110 million over three years on “True Love”…

Nearly two weeks after U.S. President Donald Trump’s impeachment hearings, that hasn’t stopped him from planning to play some golf in the winter. During the 2016 campaign, Mr. Trump made a “Flag” to his supporters at a rally: “I’m going to work for you, I don’t have time to play golf.” “

Trump complains about small water flow in U.S. toilets: 10 to 15 times

Don’t stand “Flag” easily Oh, face will hurt

After taking office, however, Mr. Trump quickly broke his word, spending a lot of time and money playing golf. To witness Mr. Trump’s “face-knocking” process, some “people who eat melons” in the United States have set up a website called, which counts the number of golfing sessions, places and expenses that Mr. Trump has played since taking office.

So far, Mr. Trump has spent about $110 million on golf, including the salaries and expenses of Secret Service staff, according to the website. According to incomplete statistics, as of December 1, Mr. Trump had visited the golf course 228 times since taking office three years ago.

Not only is Mr. Trump a golf “super-enthusiast” developing his hobby, he has integrated golf into every aspect of his personal life and career: for him, the course is not only a good place to exercise and relax, but also a place of his own political and social scene.

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