HKC or buy Samsung 8 generation LCD line Foreign media: negotiations are in the final stages

High power consumption, thickness difficult to do thin, poor penetration, low temperature shadow … These hard-to-conquer problems have made LCD panels increasingly inexistence on smartphones, and Samsung, the largest phone maker and panel maker, has already begun to cut LCD lines. Samsung Display is in final talks with potential buyer and Chinese manufacturer HKC over the sale of the 8th-generation LCD line, South Korean media reported.

HKC or buy Samsung 8 generation LCD line Media: negotiations are in the final stages

The line, called the 8-1 Phase 1 or 8A, was closed in the middle of this year, after a monthly production capacity of 80,000 pieces.

At the beginning of the year, Samsung announced plans to replace the 8A with the Q1 production line and switch to the production of QD quantum dot panels, which will start in 2021 with an initial monthly production capacity of 30,000 pieces. At the time, Samsung’s idea was to make some of the 8A-based devices, but then changed its plans and decided to sell it in whole. In other words, the Q1 line will all use the new equipment.

In fact, in 2017, Samsung’s 7-Generation Line (7-1) plans to be transformed into an A4 OLED product line in a similar way, and Samsung announced at the time that it would melt the equipment to avoid an outflow to China, but in March, Shenzhen Yufenglong announced that it would use Samsung’s 7-1 line equipment to create an LCD production line. Investment of 10 billion yuan, completed in two years.

Currently, the global LCD panel market share ranking is Beijing Oriental, LG, Huaxing Optoelectronics, GroupTron and Samsung. HKC intends to start running the 8.6-generation H4 LCD production line in March 2020, while BOE has advanced to 10.5 generations (B9, B17, 120,000 units per month) and Huaxing Optoelectronics is 11 generations (T6).

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