Xiaomi Note 10 Japan Release: 100-pixel 5-cam, 4-flash, 5260mAh battery

This afternoon, Xiaomi held its first launch in Tokyo to enter the Japanese market. The launch attracted more than 100 Japanese media, Japan’s top five television stations in attendance. At the beginning of the conference, Xiaomi first described what had been achieved. At present, Xiaomi has been called the world’s fourth largest mobile phone manufacturers, into the world more than 90 countries and regions sales, and in 42 countries and regions have achieved a market top five good results.

Xiaomi Note 10 Japan Release: 100-pixel 5-four-flash, 5260mAh battery

The launch will feature xiaomi Note 10, Xiaomi’s first mobile phone to enter Japan. In terms of specifications, it is currently sold inĀ  the xiaomi CC9 Pro. At present, Xiaomi CC9 Pro Premium DXOMark has a total score of 121 points, ranking first with Huawei’s Mate30 Pro.

The Xiaomi Note 10 rear shooting system offers five cameras, four flashes, dual optical stabilization, and 10x mixed optical zoom.

Its telephoto lens supports 10x hybrid zoom, up to 50x digital zoom, 12m camera, 50mm focal segment, 1.4m pixels, and 2PD dual-check focus;

The 20 million ultra-wide-angle lens supports a 117-degree oversized wide angle, while the 100-megapixel main camera features a 1/1.33-inch super-light sensor (Samsung ISOCELL Bright HMX, currently the largest sensor area for mobile phones) and f1/7 aperture.

Not only that, but on top of the four lenses, the Xiaomi Note 10 also adds an ultra-close macro lens to support a 1.5cm ultra-close focus distance.

In addition to the dramatic advances in photography, other specifications are also powerful, including the SnapDragon 730G processor, 5260mAh battery, 30W flash, ultra-thin off-screen fingerprint recognition, as well as NFC, infrared remote control, 3.5mm headphone holes and more.

Xiaomi Note 10 Japan Release: 100-pixel 5-four-flash, 5260mAh battery

In terms of price, xiaomi Note 10 6 plus 128GB is priced at 52,800 yen (about 3,422 yuan) and 8 plus 256GB (Note 10 Pro) is priced at 64,800 yen (about 4,200 yuan) and goes on sale on Amazon.

Compared to domestic, Xiaomi CC9 Pro 6-128GB version, priced at 2799 yuan, Xiaomi CC9 Pro 8-128GB version, priced at 3099 yuan, Xiaomi CC9 Pro 8 plus 256GB version, priced at 3499 yuan.

Xiaomi Note 10 Japan Release: 100-pixel 5-four-flash, 5260mAh battery

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