Windows 10 Mobile Ends Up Office To Stop Support

Under Microsoft’s previous plan, Windows 10 Mobile will officially end on December 10th, which will include a consumer and enterprise version, the last of which will be the V1709 for October 2017. This once high hopes of the “world’s third largest mobile phone system”, finally came to its own end.

Windows 10 Mobile Ends Up Office To Stop Support

After that, Windows 10 phone users will no longer receive any free security patches, non-security updates, technical support, online technical documentation updates, and more from Microsoft, and will be able to go through a separate pay-per-view channel if they really need to.

At the same time, Windows 10 mobile apps will stop working (and infact, many have been withdrawn), especially from Microsoft’s official Office Suite, which ends its lifecycle on January 12, 2021, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote four components.

Windows 10 users will continue to download, install, and use Office for the next month. After January 12, Microsoft will remove the download, users will no longer be able to access through official channels, and installed users will continue to use, but will no longer receive any maintenance support at their own risk.

Microsoft says it will continue to provide a great Office experience for mobile phone users, moving to Android and iOS platforms.

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