What does the world look like in an animal’s eyes? Put it on and you can see the world like an animal.

Recently, researchers in Australia and the United Kingdom have successfully developed a new software framework that will allow humans to see the world like animals. The new software framework allows digital images to be processed and remove colors and details that are not visible to specific animal species. To accurately simulate animal behavior, scientists need to understand how the eyes of different species handle environmental information. But it turns out that it’s hard to figure out how different animals see the world.

What does the world look like in an animal's eyes? Put it on and you can see the world like an animal.

Jolyon Troscianko, a researcher at the University of Exeter and a behavioral ecologist, said: “The development of this software framework took four years. It uses digital images to capture colors and patterns, and then uses features such as the limitations of animal vision to process images. “

This framework is known as the quantitative color pattern analysis framework, or QCPA. It’s a digital plug-in that anyone can access with a camera, computer or smartphone. The framework performs a series of complex processing steps that can even reveal the animal’s ultraviolet vision.

The framework has a very wide range of uses and could help biologists better understand the behavior of various animals, the researchers said. “This framework can basically be used for any scientific issue, such as the need to describe visual information perceived by animals, ” the researchers said. It’s very diverse in applications, but we’re just getting started. “

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