Nobel Laureate: Man can’t survive on other planets, says it’s irresponsible to flee Earth

‘We need to face climate change head-on, not flee the earth,’ Didier Queiroz, a 2019 Nobel prize in physics, told a conference in Stockholm, according tomedia. In 1995, Didier and Michelle Mayer discovered Pegasus 51b, the first extrasolar planet to orbit the sun-like star Pegasus 51. As a result of this discovery, he won the 2019 Nobel Prize in Physics.

Nobel Laureate: Man can't survive on other planets, says it's irresponsible to flee Earth

“I think it’s irresponsible because other planets are so far away, and I don’t think we should have any expectation of escaping from Earth,” Didier Queiroz said. And keep in mind that we are species that have evolved and developed for this planet. Apart from this planet, we can’t live on any other planet, and we’d better spend our time and energy repairing it. “

Esther Diflo, one of the 2019 Nobel laureates in economics, also warned that “tackling climate change requires a change in behaviour, especially in rich countries” because they consume a lot of goods and energy.

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