60 polar bears “occupy” villages: villagers or permanent evacuations

Recently, according tomedia reports, WWF issued a statement that about 60 polar bears broke into a village in Russia’s Far East for food, villagers may be permanently evacuated. The report noted that because of unusually high winter temperatures and the lack of ice on the coast, polar bears were unable to walk along the coast to catch food. The polar bears came to the village for food and ate the carcasses of walruses that had been left on the shore of the village since last autumn.

It is understood that there are more than 500 residents of Raelkepi, has now stopped all public activities. Residents began patrolling around the village and using buses to pick up children to school.

No one has been attacked in the village, and animal protection officials say they will organize a referendum if residents want to leave.

Earlier, WWF workers released a video of a polar bear with a large black paint on its side in Russia’s Chukchi autonomous region.

Experts speculate that the polar bear’s paint is not ordinary, because the latter can be easily wiped off, it is possible that the polar bear mistakenly broke into the village and sprayed by villagers, which will make it more difficult to hunt.

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