Production soars, Tesla’s Shanghai factory parking lot fills up with new Model 3

On December 10th, according tomedia reports, the latest photos show Tesla’s Giga Factory 3 parking lot in Shanghai filled with Chinese-made Model 3. The sign is that Tesla has increased production after obtaining government permission to sell and deliver locally made electric vehicles to customers across the country.

Production soars, Tesla's Shanghai factory parking lot fills up with new Model 3

Pictured: Tesla’s Shanghai factory parking lot filled with Chinese-made Model 3

Tesla owner and Twitter user @JayinShanghai recently shared a photo showing about 500 Model 3s occupying almost all of Tesla’s parking spaces at its Shanghai plant. That’s a far cry from the pictures released a few days ago, when about 100 new cars were parked in the parking lot.

Now it looks like Tesla is ramping up production of its Model 3 to meet strong demand. In its third-quarter 2019 results, Tesla mentioned that China could be the model 3’s biggest market.

Not long ago, someone saw trucks carrying Chinese-made Model 3s leaving Tesla’s Shanghai plant, probably on their way to customer showrooms and distribution centers.

On December 6th Tesla’s China arm announced that the Model 3 had been added to a list of subsidies for new electric vehicles issued by China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, indicating that the electric car maker had been given permission to deliver the Model 3 to customers.

The Chinese-made Tesla Model 3 starts at 355,800 yuan, while subsidies for both models could save buyers up to $247,000. The delivery date may also be earlier than previously estimated in late January 2020.

Tesla’s Shanghai plant broke ground in January and is ready to go into operation within 10 months. The progress made in China shows that Tesla will not only be able to compete in the global market, but will soon start to take a slice of the world’s largest electric car market.

Tesla is planning to increase the number of its fast charging stations in China to 362, an increase of 39 percent. The company will also increase its service numbers from 29 to 63 in the coming months. Tesla’s Chinese executives have also created microblogging accounts so customers can contact them directly.

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