Tencent Pushes “WeEarth Super Earth” to Build Digital Satellite Cloud

Recently, Tencent, in conjunction with the world’s top technology companies Satellogic, Basket Technology and Aerospace Engineering Seahawk Group, officially launched the “WeEarth Super Earth”, the platform plans to set up a network of 300 satellites in the next few years, including the Earth observation network, and through the world’s first “exclusive satellite” Services for government agencies, research institutes, science and technology enterprises to provide “out-of-the-box” remote sensing service experience.

The Earth is home to hundreds of remote sensing satellites every moment, producing vast amounts of data. How to store, analyze and transmit these data effectively, so widely used in scientific research and industrial and agricultural production has become an urgent problem to be solved. The launch of Tencent’s “WeEarth Super Earth” will effectively alleviate such challenges.

According to Tencent officials, “WeEarth Super Earth” in the satellite’s source data acquisition, by Satellogic company technical support, the exclusive launch of “in-orbit satellite constellation as a service”, this service model allows users to obtain access to a specific geographical area of multiple satellites, This would allow some government stakes, which are difficult to buy or own satellites, to own their own “exclusive satellite” services at a lower cost. Thus, the rapid monitoring of agriculture, forestry, marine, land, environmental protection, meteorology and so on.

Tencent Pushes “WeEarth Super Earth” to Build Digital Satellite Cloud

At present, the system has been contracted with ABDAS to provide exclusive services. It is reported that Satellogic has eight satellites in orbit, providing multispectral images with a resolution of 1 meter and hyperspectral images with a resolution of 30 meters. In the future, an Earth observation network, including 300 satellites, will be built.

Layout Time and Space Big Data

In addition, with the core technology of basket and Seahawk satellite in the field of big data analysis in space-time, WeEarth SuperEarth provides space-time big data management, fusion and logical computing capabilities, as well as full-time PaaS and SaaS services in the fields of maps, remote sensing, Internet of Things, location services, etc. Covers the entire industrial chain of satellite source data acquisition, storage, updating, transmission, analysis, query, application, AI analysis, etc. Through Tencent Cloud’s stable, reliable and secure cloud platform, leading big data analysis and storage technology, and the satellite measurement and control platform’s middleware and unified API services, the application call interface is greatly simplified and supports unified access for different satellite owners and satellite customers.

At present, Tencent and Seahawk Satellite launched a satellite cloud service has been launched online. Users through the “space nebula remote sensing instant service program” can be very convenient to achieve remote sensing data and service release, remote sensing data fixed-point shooting demand management, satellite status real-time monitoring and other functions, so that users “directly connected satellite”, truly “satellite-as-a-service.”

Next, in view of the current satellite industry facing the infrastructure (ground station) repeated construction, satellite resources sharing difficult, high time cost, long industrial chain and other difficult ies, Tencent will join the Seahawk satellite to cloud the ground station, to create a “ground station as a service.” The ground station is directly connected to Tencent Cloud Data Center, and an infrastructure can serve multiple satellite owners and download satellite data directly to Tencent Cloud. This will not only effectively improve the utilization of ground stations, but will also reduce the cost of satellite owners to obtain data.

In fact, in the field of satellite communications, Tencent has a long layout, and with deep technology reserves, in August this year, Tencent as a vice-chairman unit to join the establishment of the National Committee on Space Communication Technology (CCSATC12), to promote low-orbit satellite communications in the field of standard research and industrial development. With the continuous improvement of the “WeEarth Super Earth” platform function, its application in national production will play a greater role.

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