Fan designs Surface Duo to run Windows

At this year’s fall launch, Microsoft announced two new folding devices in 2020, Surface Neo running Windows and Surface Duo running Android. But the news that Surface Duo is adopting Android has raised questions among many Windows supporters.

A man named Harry Dohyun Kim envisioned the possibility of running Windows on Surface Duo, according tomedia Outlet Windows Central.

Fan designs Surface Duo to run Windows

Harry Dohyun Kim has launched a design called Project Meta for a large number of Windows supporters.

The design examines some of the possible user scenarios for using Windows and gives a concept map that is narrower than the official Surface Duo border.

Project Meta even envisions future versions, such as a drummat for making music when Surface Duo unfolds.

But these are just Harry Dohyun Kim’s ideas, and it’s not yet known whether they will come true.

Fan designs Surface Duo to run Windows

As a folding device, Surface Duo is not a very popular folding phone today, but is a design that stitches together two screens through hinges.

It’s android, but the system’s UI is a bit like Windows 10X and can run two different Android Apps at the same time.

Both Surface Duo and Surface Neo will be released by the end of 2020, according to Microsoft officials.

According tomedia speculation, by 2021, Microsoft may consider the folding phone with a 5G network.

Fan designs Surface Duo to run Windows

Fan designs Surface Duo to run Windows

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