Pizza chain Delta’s GPS delivery tracking technology is expanding to stores across the U.S.

Pizza chain Domino’s has been testing GPS delivery tracker technology in its delivery drivers, allowing its customers to track the location of food in real time, according tomedia reports. And the company is expanding the technology across the United States. Seeing the location of the pizza in real time will bring some obvious benefits to the customer.

Pizza chain Delta's GPS delivery tracking technology is expanding to stores across the U.S.

Real-time GPS tracking has become more and more common in various industries. For example, the location of a driver’s Uber vehicle can be seen from the moment the driver enters the car. Amazon also shows the location of a specific delivery of a real-time package. Over the past few months, Delta has tested its own GPS-based delivery features.

In a test update on Monday, Delta said the technology has been well received and will expand to about a quarter of its U.S. stores for the rest of 2019. Looking ahead, the company hopes to use GPS pizza tracking in most stores by 2020.

Delivery tracking technology will be used with Delta’s existing pizza tracker, a web-based app that shows when an order is received from a customer, when to prepare food, when to put it in the oven, when it is removed from the oven, and finally, when to hand it over to the delivery driver.

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