New video game for 2020 election lets players play “Andrew Young” against “Trump”

In a new video game about the 2020 presidential election, the game character “Trump” declared: “Video games can cause violence,” according tomedia BGR. “The presidential election has evolved into a reality TV game that’s the equivalent of a 24/7 media cycle, so naturally, people will start to see video games featuring Trump and other Democratic candidates.

A video game called “Yang2020: Path To Presidency” will be available in Steam on December 30. The game features Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Young, but players can also beat Trump and all the other “rivals” vying for the Democratic nomination.

“The video game about Andrew Young is finally here!” The note attached to the game’s trailer states. “Is the candidate capable of defeating a rival and taking back the White House?” “In addition to playing Andrew Young, players can unlock levels and other characters during the game.

The game was created by independent developer Sam Vallely, but Andrew Young’s campaign trail is unclear. As of December 9, his approval rating in the polls was not ideal, according to Business Insider, and he was unable to participate in the next Democratic presidential debate scheduled for December 19.

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