(Pictured) Pixel welcomes first issue of “Feature Drops”: Introduction of Automatic Call Screening Enhanced Portrait Mode, etc.

Google has launched a regular update program for the Pixel family, bringing a range of new features to its flagship. In the first round of updates released today, new features such as automatic call screening and enhanced portrait mode are included. Memory management is also optimized, which can be a significant update for Pixel 3 users who have long complained about multitasking.

This on-line automatic call filtering feature is limited to Pixel 4 users. The Pixel family already has the ability to manually filter calls using voice assistants, and it can automatically detect whether a robot call (harassment phone) is a robot. In this update, the feature automatically screens incoming calls from unknown numbers, then connects calls from that caller and taps them. This option may be more controversial than simply eliminating spam, so google is expected to offer some options about how it works.

In this update, Google Photos also offers better portrait mode. Even if you never turn on portrait mode while shooting, detecting a face in the screen will automatically enable portrait mode. However, the user can not adjust the depth of field effect, but through AI to do.

As part of this issue of “Feature Drops,” Google also offers new video framework effects and quality improvements for duo video chat software. It also extended the Recorder app to the Pixel 2/3/3A series, the Live Caption to the 3/3A series, and some updates to Digital Welle.

In this “Feature Drops” update, Google says it has optimized “memory management” for all Pixel devices. The Pixel phone will now “automatically compress” the background application, which is said to greatly improve multitasking performance. Google says the feature allows the Pixel to run games, multimedia and other apps at the same time.

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